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IMU CET 2018 Exam Pattern
The Common entrance examination will be conducted in offline mode. There would be negative marking so One mark will deduct for each wrong answer and also for Multiple Marking in the Answer Sheet. The exam pattern according to the marks and selected course by students for the Indian Maritime University entrance Test 2018 Test is given as follows,

IMU CET was divided in 6 sections.
Subjects - Questions
Physics- 50 Ques
Chemistry-25 Ques
Maths - 50 Ques
English - 25 Ques
General Knowledge - 25 Ques
Apptitude - 25 Ques
Total - 200 Ques

Section A: Physics
Physics section was moderate with 50 questions in total. Questions were not much time consuming but were little tricky. It consisted of questions related to:
4 questions on Nuclear Physics
5 questions on Energy and Power
7 questions on Electrostatics
5 questions on Properties of Matter
9 questions on Laws of Motion and Work
7 questions on Semiconductor Devices
8 questions on Current Electricity
5 questions on Magnetic Effects

Section B: Chemistry
This Section had 25 questions in total with moderate difficulty level. Questions were more time consuming here. Topics included in this section were:
5 questions on Electrochemistry
3 questions on Thermodynamics
6 questions on Carbonyl Compounds
3 questions on Atomic structure
4 questions on Carboxylic Acids
4 questions on Chemical Equilibrium

Section C: Mathematics
Questions in this section took up most of the time of the students therefore considered as the most difficult section. In total, it had 50 questions. The topics covered were:
3 questions on Matrics
9 questions on Trigonometry
7 questions on Vector Algebra
3 questions on Differential Calculus
5 questions on Differential Equations
6 questions on Probability Distributions
4 questions on Integral Calculus
6 questions on Discrete Mathematics
7 questions on Series Completion

Section D: English
This section considered as the easiest by the candidates. It was least time consuming. The section contained 25 questions in total. Topics covered were:
2 questions on Passage Completion
7 questions on Error Correction
8 questions on Cloze Test
8 questions on Comprehension Passage i.e. 2 passages with 4 questions each.

Section E: General Knowledge
This section tested the General Awareness of the candidate and had 25 questions in total comprised various topics as:
5 questions on Business News
4 questions on International News
8 questions on National News etc

Section F: Aptitude
This was the trickiest section of the exam comprised 25 questions in total. Various topics covered were:
5 questions on Series completion
3 questions on Blood Relations
4 questions on Directions
5 questions on Puzzles
4 questions on Data sufficiency
4 questions on Arrangements